Success Blockers – Got ’em?

blackboard-board-chalk-21696-2All the motivational speakers, life and business coaches, seminars, books, audio tapes, and millions of websites dedicated to helping us succeed are useless when it comes to the success of your business.  Totally useless.  They provide great bumper sticker theology, nice phrases you can make a meme out of, and it feels really good for a few moments in time but they can’t provide you with the motivation to succeed in  your business – only YOU can do that.

What inspires you may also be blocking you.

  • Are you inspired by hearing about others’ success?
  • Do you have the “I wanna be like them” attitude?
  • Do you express love or indifference?
  • Do you put forth the positive or wallow in the negative?
  • Do you spew venom or healing?

Here is the comprehensive list of the differences between everyone who wants to or is a success:

  1. We all want love. Regardless of how you define it, we all want to feel and give love. It is what is at the very core of being human. On my mother’s deathbed, surrounded by family and dear close friends, listening to us tell her about all the calls and messages pouring in for her, she looked at me and said, “Why am I so loved? What did I do to deserve all of this?” My response: “Because you chose to show love first”.  When we select love as our primary motivator it will come back around and will show itself when we most need to see it.  Does love motivate you or do you push it away and believe that you can be successful without it?
  2. Acceptance. There is a trend right now in society that urges us all to accept one another without requiring change. It seems that more of society is defined as ‘marginalized’ than, well, non-marginalized.  It is ‘trendy’ to label ourselves and stand apart from everyone else yet we want full acceptance and I’m not sure that is something the human race is actually capable of doing.  Why not? Because we confuse acceptance with understanding. Is it possible to accept without understanding? It is possible to agree to disagree but then we must refer back to item #1 for it work.
  3. Attraction. We attract what we believe.  If we see the world in a negative light, we welcome negative energy to come back to us. If we continually look for and celebrate the positive around us, the positive energy we put out will come back to us.
  4. why-1352167Why or Why Not.  Over the past couple of months our company has seen some drastic changes.  We have said farewell to some and have welcomed some new clients in to our family.  There is a HUGE difference between the ones who succeed and the ones who fail.  While I could join the thousands of authors out there and write my own book on success VS failure, there is one that stays on the top of every list I write.  They ones who are in the game to win it are the ones who continually look for solutions.  They are the ones who say, “oh yeah? Watch me!”  They are the ones who say, “Bring it!”


What is blocking YOUR success? What is in the way?  I’m willing to bet that when you look hard enough, you’ll notice the only thing in your way…is you.




You Never Call Anymore

coffee-cup-working-happyToday is Monday – we make all kinds of jokes about Monday being the worse day of the week, the day after the ‘vacation’ of the weekend.  But today is the first day of the rest of your life.  What are you going to do TODAY to move towards success in your business?

Chances are pretty great that you reached out to someone in the not-so-distant past that you need to follow up with.  A potential business contact, a friend, a family member, an industry influencer, a lead, a potential source of income – you reached out to someone and today is the perfect day to reach out to them again because maybe, just maybe, they are waiting to hear from you.


There are a few key reasons people are not calling you back. They include:
  1. They know you’re selling something.  I say this all the time to the clients I coach – avoid coming across like a used salesman.  Stop with all the hype-ads, the scripts, the cutesy little quotes and bumper stickers. Get to the heart of those listening by being real – being relevant – being genuine – and being transparent.  Talk TO them not AT them. Shoot straight and honest and there is a good chance they will want to learn more. Come across as a used car salesman and your phone is going to be oddly quiet.
  2. Ypexels-photo-100528ou offer nothing of value to them.  If you are selling virtual assistance organizations to me, chances are great that I’m not going to be returning your call because, well, ORCVirtual IS virtual assistance.  You need to be offering me something of value – something of worth – something to tempt me!
  3. You lack relevance.  Virtual assistance IS relevant to me and I want to know about the latest and greatest technologies.  But if you haven’t cued in on MY needs to make it relevant for ME, then I’m not calling you back.
  4. Scheduling nightmares.  If you feel that what you have to offer has value to them, then keep in mind the simple fact that life happens.  I recently had a minor heart procedure and I was out of commission for about a week.  Fortunately, I have an AMAZING team that kept things moving forward and none of our clients felt the slightest impact of my being away for a week.  I received somewhat of a rude voicemail from a sales lady who had called earlier and was put off that I never returned her call.  Well, I did not call her but I did email and gently yet firmly put her in her place.  The point is this:  if you are reaching out to the decision-maker whether a company or a household – remember that you have no idea what is happening in their personal life that may be preventing them from calling you back.  Patience and understanding that you do not have all the facts can pay off.

According to the National Sales Executive Association

48% of sales people never follow-up with a prospect

25% of sales people make a second contact and then stop

80% of sales are made on the fifth to 12th contact!!!!!!

Only 2% of sales are made on the first contact

3% of sales are made on the second contact

5% of sales are made on the third


You’re Either In or You’re Out

Gino Barbaro* has a compelling list of reasons real estate investors fail.  When I discovered there was an actual list, I was ready to spend time reading through them and tearing them apart.  How pleasantly surprised I was to find that it was a simple list.  It’s a list that hits home for many real estate investors.

According to Barbaro, the reasons include

  1. Not enough reasons to invest in real estate

  2. No focus

  3. No plan

  4. Lack of Education

  5. Quitting too soon

  6. Not enough capital

  7. Careless due diligence

These reasons don’t have to apply just to real estate investors. Change #1 to “not enough reasons to be in this business” and the rest are universal.

man-jumping-over-impossible-or-possible-over-cliff-on-sunset-background-business-concept-idea_1323-266I am not a real estate investor.  I have the honor of providing executive administrative virtual assistance to many real estate investors around the country.  These 7 points rang so loudly to me and I know it will hit home for many investors.

I have often said if you don’t have time to plan your work and then work that plan then you need to reconsider your career choice. Don’t make your dreams mere hobbies – spending time only when you feel like it or just a few hours every now and then.

Lori Greiner has said, “entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week”.  She’s right on point!

You have a choice.  Get out or get in.  You are either fully in and committed to your success or you’re out.


Great Ideas Traffic Jam From Your Favorite Executive Virtual Assistant


Post_It_Notes_at_WorkHave an idea on how to make money?  Perhaps you figured out a target market to focus in on.  You get that idea down and just as you do, another idea comes to mind.  You write that one down and then another and another one, right after the other, come to mind. Then you listen to a guru on a particular subject who encourages you to do it their way so you grab on to that one as well.  Pretty soon you have an entire wall of post-it note ideas that have stopped short of their goal: to make you some money!

“When all is said and done, nothing said was ever done”

Do not fall into the trap of spending so much time creating new ways to make money, that you don’t have time to make money.  Come up with a plan and move it through to fruition or failure – one of the two.  If it just sits there – it’s just an idea.  An idea must have energy behind it to move it forward.

When we started ORCVirtual, Inc. in 2007, we tried getting our name out there in a multitude of markets from real estate to non-profit to educational to law firms – you name them, we wanted to be their client.  It is only when we decided to narrow down our vision so that we could actually see one or two targets that we were actually able to hit our target right on the mark!

I work with people who are stuck in this cycle of finding lots of ways to make money and yet they never make a dime.



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