How To Easily Be a Great Salesperson

In January of 2017, Founder of Herjavec Group and Shark on ACB’s Shark Tank Robert Herjavec, talked about “...five essential tips for selling anything to anyone“.  It’s a great read, short and to the point.  I recommend you click that link and take a peek.

Book Holding Sale DudeThere are many books and papers out there on how to be a great salesperson. Techniques, motivations, reminders, even cute little memes to ‘inspire the salesperson within’ can be found within a simple Google search. I believe Robert Herjavec is spot on with his 5 points but if I may be so bold, I believe I know the number one essential quality in a great salesperson.

pexels-photo-159991LOVE your product.  If you are not absolutely and utterly in love with what you are trying to sell, I don’t believe you can succeed. When you love it – you are passionate about it, you believe in it, you believe in all the people and processes that create it and make it happen – you gotta love the product.  I love watching Robert Herjavec’s reaction on Shark Tank when someone presents and they are super passionate about it.  Whether or not he invests, he feeds on their energy.

Remember the last time you walked into a furniture store?  I do. It was last week.  I walked in and was already braced. There were several salespeople standing around, some with phones and others with tablets, and all of them with a business card in the hand.  I despise being preyed on by salespeople.  This one was the exception and for one reason only – this guy was completely and utterly in love with his product.  We ended up talking for over an hour about not only furniture, but buying and selling ethics, the economy, the changes we’ve both seen in this particular area, and even about his 50 year marriage!

Being a passionate salesperson means you mean business.  It means you care about the business and the product/services.  That’s a GREAT trait!


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