Discover Your Purpose

questions-2245264_1920.jpgMost of us have, at one point or another, questioned our purpose in this life.  We hesitate in running towards our dreams, wondering if they are realistic and doubting there is life in them.  We question our existence and we begin to ask, “why?” and, “now what?”.  This self-defeating attitude can easily take over any of us, at any given time, sparked by a myriad of things.  It is important that we continually learn how to discover our purpose. Our purpose has mutliple levels and dimensions. There is a purpose for your life in the next 30 minutes, and for today, and a purpose for tomorow, for your past, and for the distant future. Discovering your purpose, I believe, is essential to your overall well being and happiness.

  1. Understand that you have a choice.  If you have been unhappy, you can actually CHOOSE to be happy.  You probably don’t believe that if you are in the midst of unhappiness right now, but I am speaking truth. Regardless of the outside powers that have been beating you down, YOU have the CHOICE of waking up every morning and being happy or not.  Are you scared?  Embrace courage. When you choose to be well – when you choose to be happy – you empower yoursef and your subconscious mind by a) granting permission to break free and b) declaring that you desire more than what you currently are experiencing. That desire is a critical spark that can start a fire withinn that will grow and empower you, helping you pursue those dreams and be the person you desire to be.
  2. volunteer-1326758_1280.pngPrinciples.  We all have them although if you asked ten people to write down their basic principles only about 3 people will be able to accomplish the task.  To accomplish this you need to write your own personal mission statement.  The mission statement comes before knowing your purpose.  Begin by asking questions about whatinfluences you and how you want to influence others.  Consider those in your immediate sphere of influence and then stretch beyond to the people you have still yet to meet.  Are there themes to your guiding principals or do they change according to circumstance?
  3. Pairing the Two.  Once you make the decision to change and you identify your key principles – your mission in life – only than will you be ready to take action. Knowing you have a choice but refusing to take action helps no one.  Understanding what drives you – what and who motivates you – what will light the spark deep within you to fuel your passion to be a better you will bring you purpose.

Shannon Kaiser, in an article written for Huffington Post in April of 2014, writes, “The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find what your purpose is…” (

Here is a simple list of questions everyone should answer and revisit often.  It will change as we grow and mature and that’s why we need to revisit it frequently.

  • hands-1345059_1920.jpgFor what are you willing to sacrifice?
  • What drives you?
  • What makes your heart leap with joy?
  • What do you love to do?
  • To whom do you want to show kindness?
  • How will you show love and compassion?
  • Will you agree to disagree with your neighbor?
  • Will you make the conscious decision today to be better – happier – and more at peace version of yourself?
  • Will you continually strive to discover YOUR purpose?


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