4 Steps that Will Change Your Life

Every single day that we are fortunate enough to wake up we are faced immediately with a question: how are we going to face the day.  We have to make a choice.  Here are 4 steps that will ground you every morning so that your day is strong, confident and productive.
530907415Step 1. Embrace the mindset that life is going to be a challenge.  Accept that there will be decisions during the day that need to be made.  Accept that there will be disappointments and set-backs.  From long red lights, to major health setbacks – life is full of them.  But life is also full of victories both small and large.  By accepting that life is an obstacle course you are less likely to get stuck in the mud. Instead, you’re going to get sweaty and dirty but you’ll come through it a winner!

Step 2.  Heart Connection.   Make sure that your heart and your mind are connected and on the same page. We all have the ability to succeed but if our mind isn’t on that page with our heart, we are already fighting ourselves.  When our mind and heart are in tune we set ourselves up for success.  Take a quick moment and breathe, listen to your heart, and pay attention to the rhythm in your head and then connect the two as one.BN-NZ368_OBSTAC_P_20160511184641

Step 3. Accountability.  Don’t do it alone. During the day as you face both challenges and successes you must have someone who is willing to stop running, turn around, reach down and pick you up.

Step 4. Finally – stop whining. Don’t start your day with negative statements.  The moment you rise start telling yourself positive statements, looking forward through the day at things that will be good from a simple great cup of coffee, to the refreshing ice water in your cup, to spending time with loved ones at the close of the day.  Gather those positive thoughts and use them to fuel you through the rough spots. Don’t focus on what might be – focus on what you know WILL be and if negative things happen, you are prepared for them.  They won’t catch you off guard and more importantly, you’ve set yourself up to face them head on and win.

So say to the day – bring me your best or bring me your worst – I’m ready.  Bring it.



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