You Got This…Thanks, Sophie.

IMG_0652Whenever I sit at my desk and turn my chair around, this is the sign I see hanging on my wall.  It was a gift from my amazing Executive Assistant, Sophie. For those who work with us, you know how valuable of an asset she is to the company because she is also a tremendous asset to YOU.  She has been by my side (and my next door neighbor) for several years and she knows the ups and the downs the company has experienced. Sophie refuses to give up no matter how hard things get.   She and I have had our share of both laughs and cries – but we are there for one another and we make a great team!

During the past few months I have allowed myself to get beaten down a bit by some business failures.  Sophie is always there to remind me that the ONLY way we grow is by failing.  If we never failed, we would never know the struggle of getting back up and we would never understand how we need to adapt in order to keep growing.  She gifted this to me and my partner on our birthdays (our birthdays are two days a part!) and it made both of us tear up. It is the PERFECT gift and such a tremendous motivator for me.

I was sitting in my office trying to develop an answer to a tough question and it just was not coming to me.  My frustration level continued to grow and I slammed my mouse down on the desk (because we ALL know how helpful THAT is!) and spun my chair around and my eyes landed right on this.  It’s hanging right beneath a dry erase board on my office wall and it immediately reminded me that I DO have this.  I got this!  I know how to overcome diversity, to turn struggle into success, and turn sorrow into dancing.  She’s right – I got this!

When life beats you down, and it WILL beat you down, remember: You Got This.  You know how I know you got this? Because today you are still here which means you have overcome even the most difficult of days. You Got This! Thanks, Sophie!


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