“Quit or be exceptional, average is for losers”
Seth Godin
What is YOUR breaking point?  When do you throw in the towel?  How do you know it’s time to take your final bow? What tells you that it is the right time to surrender?  When do we say, enough is enough?  How do you say I’m finished?  How do you know that after running the race it’s time to step off the track and let the other ones win?  When do you finally admit that maybe your dreams were just dreams and you never really had what it takes to turn them into reality?  What devastating position do you need to be in life before you roll over and stop taking the abuse?

Petra Majdic doesn’t know the meaning of those phrases even if I had typed them in Serbian, her native tongue.  She fell off the track during a training run right before her cross-country run for the Gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics.  She fell more than 10 feet and crushed four ribs and suffered a collapsed lung. But guess what – she won the bronze.  WHAT???? Does she not know when to quit? Did she not realize that it was probably time to just surrender and admit defeat and move on?

I have seen a lot of quitters in my day. I spent over 25 years teaching voice and piano lessons and I would say that more than 75% of them quit for a variety of reasons.  Being in business since 2007 I have seen more clients up and quit than I prefer to count.  As a certified crisis intervention counselor and a member of the clergy I have witnessed people granting their biggest demons the victory.  Surrendering.  Giving in. Giving up. Quitting.

Now, let me make this one point perfectly clear:  for some of them it was the right move.  We really do need to be in tune to our situations and understand that for some it is the right move to surrender and move on.

It is heartbreaking to see too many give in. Here is a list of some of the reasons they quit:

  • They didn’t have what it takes.
  • They didn’t understand the full extent of sacrifice required to win.
  • They mis-defined success.
  • They thought it was going to come a lot quicker and decided to throw in the towel and walk away.
  • They lacked the passion, dedication, and drive that was needed to keep it moving.
  • They refused to admit when they were wrong, therefore, could not learn from their mistakes.
  • They bought in to a lie that said it was easy and quick.
  • They thought they could work their dream a few hours a week and make it work

Regardless of the reasons they quit, they did.  I have an opinion and insight concerning every single one of them and I’m here to tell you some needed to bow out!  But what really breaks my heart is that I see more Petra’s than I can count. I see more people who have within them what it takes to persevere, but THEY don’t see it or they don’t believe it. The ONLY thing that gets in their way is themselves.

I invite you to jump to our testimonials page on our website and read the first one.  Here’s a link: https://orcvirtual.com/testimonials

I used to quit easily. I have a fairly long list of regrets that can be traced back to a quitting spirit.  But several years ago I finally decided to be true to myself – and from that truth has come strength and resiliency that I never knew I was capable of having!  Here is my commitment to myself and, ultimately, to my clients and my team:

  • I have what it takes.
  • I understand the full extent of sacrifice required to win.
  • I mis-defined success at one time.
  • I thought it was going to come a lot quicker but no matter how long it takes, I will not throw in the towel and walk away.
  • I now have an abundance of passion, dedication, and drive that is needed to keep it moving.
  • I always admit when I am wrong, therefore, I constantly learn and grown through my mistakes.
  • I no longer buy in to the lie that said it was easy and quick.
  • I know I have to work long hours to make this work
  • I will stand on that podium, broken and bruised and tattered and torn but all will know that I ran the race hard, fast and continuously until I crossed that finish line.

I am not a quitter.

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