dublin-famous-colorful-doors-422844I recently had a conversation with our new neighbor.  He bought the house when it was vacant and run down.  It was a huge eye sore and has now been transformed in to one of the nicest ones on the block.  I asked him for some tips and he said, when you are making improvements you need to consider the impact on the value.  He also said that in your usual maintenance of the property, you need to think the same way.  Here are some quick tips.

  1. Curb Appeal.  Did you hear that car that just drove past your house?  There’s a good chance they are looking – to buy.  If your yard is not kept nicely and is not appealing, they are likely to quickly cross your street off their ‘must see’ list.  Bring in new neighbors by showing them that the neighbors expect quality of yard care.
  2. Patio and Outdoor Space.  It doesn’t take much.  Head to Goodwill or another thrift store and look for outdoor patio furniture.  Swing by a hardware store and grab some spray paint and you have a new back yard space!
  3. pexels-photo-8724 (1)Painting.  You can paint a room and you can paint a wall – inside or outside.  The neighbor painted one column in his garden a bright orange against a light blue house.  The house stands out, looks artsy, and has a special feature.  Outside if you can’t afford to paint the whole house, consider the shutters, doors, and trim.  I nice bright white and you’ve just upgraded your property!
  4. Kitchen and Bath.  These are the two rooms that will make or break a sale.  They are also the most expensive rooms to upgrade but if you’re going to drop some money, make sure to do it right.  Consider replacing the cabinet handles and a quick paint job and it will give the space a bright, new look.

What suggestions do you have for easy home improvements that can add value to you home.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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