Transparency + Legitimacy = Authenticity

pexels-photo-314699John Maxwell (American author, speaker and Pastor) is quoted as saying, “Speak the truth. Transparency breeds legitimacy”

During my initial sales call with potential new clients, I stress the importance of establishing yourself as a transparent and legitimate business.   We help do this by setting up their website and connecting their social media so that everything feels familiar across the several platforms.

TRANSPARENCY: Do you consider yourself a transparent business owner?  Are you honest when you make mistakes? How do you react when a mistake is made against you or that makes you look bad?  Are you purposely deceiving people to make yourself look good or is ‘what they see, what they get’?

LEGITIMACY:  Are you seen a a legitimate, serious-minded, success-driven and motivate business or do you come across more as a creepy, used-car salesman (no offense to the thousands of legit used car salesmen out there!)?  Are you a formal, State-recognized business entity with goals, and a vision and purpose statement?

AUTHENTICITY:  If your answers were on the side of positive for both of these, you are well on your way to being an authentic, trusted, business person.  Here’s your quick-pick list to help you focus on becoming an authentic business owner.

  • Say What You Are Feeling – stop with the facemasks, the alter-ego, the fake identity. Show that you are human.
  • Use The Smell Test – if something doesn’t pass the smell test, raises warning flags in your mind, or gives you the ‘ookey’ feeling inside, go with that.  It’s probably right.
  • Grade Yourself – look inward often.  Talk to the man in the mirror and be fair to yourslf when doing so.
  • Keep A Clear Line of Sight – visionaries are the ones who run the hardest towards their goals because they are not afraid to look for them.
  • Open Your Ears – listen not to respond, but listen to hear.  There’s a huge difference and if you don’t know what it is, you haven’t made it to the authentic stage yet.




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