Get What You Pay For

pexels-photo-545065Do you really get what you pay for?  I think not.  The other day I went to a restaurant and paid what I thought was a low bill and the food and service were amazing!  I got MORE for my dollar.  On the flip side, I paid nine bucks for a car wash and that was a joke.


We all know it really means you get what you pay for depending on what you are buying and to whom you are giving the money.  Give ten bucks to a fast food worker who is underpaid and tired, and you’ll get acid indigestion.  Give ten bucks to a food truck professional who loves his craft and you’ll walk away a very happy, satisfied customer.

Recently I had someone praise us for our pricing. They could not believe all that they could get for the one flat rate per month.  That same week I had someone tell me they were insulted at the high cost of our services.

Typically, people do not consider the quality – it’s assumed you are getting quality. They want the lowest possible rate and for it, they want the top quality.  That doesn’t happen and that’s when you use the phrase, “you get what you pay for”.

Maybe if we took a bit more time to explore things like quality, efficiency, ethical standards and such, we would spend our money more wisely.  To the last who thought my pricing was low – welcome aboard! We’re glad you are here. To the one who thought we were way over-priced – let me know how your other assistant is working out for you and if you are getting the quality, professionalism, ethical and moral standards you need.


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