How To Easily Be a Great Salesperson

In January of 2017, Founder of Herjavec Group and Shark on ACB’s Shark Tank Robert Herjavec, talked about “...five essential tips for selling anything to anyone“.  It’s a great read, short and to the point.  I recommend you click that link and take a peek.

Book Holding Sale DudeThere are many books and papers out there on how to be a great salesperson. Techniques, motivations, reminders, even cute little memes to ‘inspire the salesperson within’ can be found within a simple Google search. I believe Robert Herjavec is spot on with his 5 points but if I may be so bold, I believe I know the number one essential quality in a great salesperson.

pexels-photo-159991LOVE your product.  If you are not absolutely and utterly in love with what you are trying to sell, I don’t believe you can succeed. When you love it – you are passionate about it, you believe in it, you believe in all the people and processes that create it and make it happen – you gotta love the product.  I love watching Robert Herjavec’s reaction on Shark Tank when someone presents and they are super passionate about it.  Whether or not he invests, he feeds on their energy.

Remember the last time you walked into a furniture store?  I do. It was last week.  I walked in and was already braced. There were several salespeople standing around, some with phones and others with tablets, and all of them with a business card in the hand.  I despise being preyed on by salespeople.  This one was the exception and for one reason only – this guy was completely and utterly in love with his product.  We ended up talking for over an hour about not only furniture, but buying and selling ethics, the economy, the changes we’ve both seen in this particular area, and even about his 50 year marriage!

Being a passionate salesperson means you mean business.  It means you care about the business and the product/services.  That’s a GREAT trait!


Meet the Person You Could Have Become

Definition of Hell: On your last day on earth, the person you were at the moment of your death will meet the person you could have become.

On January 16, 1988, Epic Records released the  single from Michael Jackson’s BAD album, entitled “Man in the Mirror”.  The song topped the Billboard hot 100 for 2 weeks and became the number 1 single iTunes download in the US and the UK, selling over 1.3 million digital copies!  The chorus contains one of the best motivational quotes of all time.

pexels-photo-54377I’m starting with the man in the mirror.
I’m asking him to change his ways.
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change


Here are some starting points for finding YOUR man in the mirror – for finding YOUR place in this world – for finding the person you SHOULD become:

  1. Being healthy is not something you DO – it is something you ARE.
  2. Stop thinking so small. Think big – dream bigger- achieve so much more because you TRIED
  3. Stop worrying about being liked. That takes far too much effort – instead, focus on liking the reflection of yourself.
  4. Stop with the excuses already. Randy Pauchs, in The Last Lecture, says, “It is not about the cards you are dealt, but how you play the hand”.
  5. pexels-photo-220429Strive to be transparent and authentic. This takes work. In fact, it takes a life time of work.  But strive to be someone who has nothing to hide and nothing of which to be ashamed.  Strive to be exactly who it appears you are. THAT is authenticity.

I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right..
Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett, performed by Michael Jackson, produced by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

Team Work Reality

night-75526There may not be an “I” in team, but if we fail to recognize the parts that make up the whole, we have missed the point as business leaders.

There are essential skills one must posses if they want to be a true team leader.  In order to bring order to the team, the use of the skills and the correct use of them will make or break the team. Without them, the team is only a mixture of individuals retaining their “I” status and consequently working against one another.  A great leader must always be mindful that the team is made up of individual parts, like the puzzle pieces.  You can have a 5,000 piece puzzle but if one piece is not cut right or is missing, the entire picture is lost.

I encourage you to make a list of the attributes YOU believe are important to be a leader. Creating your own list forces you to identify and define qualities of leadership in others as well as yourself. I offer a few here for your consideration.

  • Listening:  The ability to listen is important but the skill of listening involves the act of hearing without feeling the need to form your response while listening.  That only distracts you and usually puts the listener immediately on the defensive. Listen to ideas, concerns, and their thoughts – ask questions for clarification when appropriate, which tells the speaker you are serious about what they are saying.  Watch your body language when listening, not to close off or build a wall between you and the speaker.  Be receptive.
  • Reliability: Always focus on gaining the trust of fellow team members (and beyond, of course!).  Loyalties can drop faster than you can blink.  Prevent that by being the one on the team who is reliable.
  • shutterstock_203701285_small
    Source: A.J. O’Connor Associates

    Conflict Management:  With any conflict, our human nature is to fight or flee.  When we take the time to resolve conflict constructively, the conflict can increase our ability to see the conflict through the eye’s of the other person.  The keys are to try to stay neutral (you don’t always have to be right), acknowledge the problem, focus on the PROBLEM, not the PEOPLE, seek common ground and be patient.  At ORCVirtual, we prefer to say we have an ‘opportunity’ not a conflict or problem.  It is an opportunity to learn a new perspective and to improve ourselves.

  • Acknowledge Greatness:  Employee recognition can be a hot button.  In this current culture, it seems we award people for every thing.  Rewards should not be given just for the sake of giving. They should not be given just to even the playing field. Rewards are earned but keep an eye open for when they need to be recognized. Offering praise takes very little effort but we all like to feel good and appreciated.  Give praise where it is due, uplift your team members, empower and equip them – and make sure that everyone knows their value.  ‘All persons deserve to be treated as people of worth’.

  • Acknowledge Your Weakness:  A great leader will admit their mistakes. A great leader will name their weaknesses and have no problem pointing them out when appropriate.  Having the ability to say, “yeah, that’s not my strength” is empowering to ourselves as well as others.  It helps people around us understand that they are needed.

pexels-photo-207896There is an old Sunday school song called, “A Place in the Choir”.  It’s worth a listen to regardless of your religious viewpoint. It reminds us that everyone DOES have a role. Check out this fun video from Damian McGinty 

And remember – your place is important no matter what your role is.


How 15 U.S.C. § 1692g Works for YOU

I don’t know about you, but credit scores and credit repair can be an absolute nightmare!  One tiny move in either direction can effect your score for the good or the bad.  There is a law that not a lot of consumers know about, and of which fewer take advantage!

15 U.S.C. §1692g is the Validation of Debts section of the U.S. Code.  You can read the entire code HERE but here are some highlights.

business men phonecallIf you get a call from a debt collector and you believe it is not your debt, you have the right to contact them and tell them you wish to have validation of the debt.  If you do this within 30 days of their initial contact with you, they have to cease trying to collect it until the debt collector obtains the verification and you’ve received it.

Case in point:  i had a collector call on a debt that I knew wasn’t mine. He wasn’t very nice and I simply stated that if he would “mail to me the complete validation showing that this is my debt than I’ll be happy to take a look at it”.  I received a letter a few days after and here’s a snippet from that letter:

“this letter is in response to (that) dispute and/or request for validation in accordance with 15 U.S.C. § 1692g of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the requested documentation within a reasonable time frame and as such (collector) has ceased all collection activity. Further, we have requested the account be deleted from any consumer credit reporting agency files to which we may have submitted information”

I was so excited to get this letter.   You bet I’ll be watching my credit report this month and next to make sure it falls off.

pexels-photo-268424You have rights as a consumer and knowing those rights simply positions you to make smart choices.  Don’t be angry with the collectors – just tell them you want validation that it is your debt and you want it in writing.

For more information and assistance, we recommend Ask for Renee and tell her Kurt, from ORCVirtual, sent you.


Get What You Pay For

pexels-photo-545065Do you really get what you pay for?  I think not.  The other day I went to a restaurant and paid what I thought was a low bill and the food and service were amazing!  I got MORE for my dollar.  On the flip side, I paid nine bucks for a car wash and that was a joke.


We all know it really means you get what you pay for depending on what you are buying and to whom you are giving the money.  Give ten bucks to a fast food worker who is underpaid and tired, and you’ll get acid indigestion.  Give ten bucks to a food truck professional who loves his craft and you’ll walk away a very happy, satisfied customer.

Recently I had someone praise us for our pricing. They could not believe all that they could get for the one flat rate per month.  That same week I had someone tell me they were insulted at the high cost of our services.

Typically, people do not consider the quality – it’s assumed you are getting quality. They want the lowest possible rate and for it, they want the top quality.  That doesn’t happen and that’s when you use the phrase, “you get what you pay for”.

Maybe if we took a bit more time to explore things like quality, efficiency, ethical standards and such, we would spend our money more wisely.  To the last who thought my pricing was low – welcome aboard! We’re glad you are here. To the one who thought we were way over-priced – let me know how your other assistant is working out for you and if you are getting the quality, professionalism, ethical and moral standards you need.


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