Great Ideas Traffic Jam From Your Favorite Executive Virtual Assistant


Post_It_Notes_at_WorkHave an idea on how to make money?  Perhaps you figured out a target market to focus in on.  You get that idea down and just as you do, another idea comes to mind.  You write that one down and then another and another one, right after the other, come to mind. Then you listen to a guru on a particular subject who encourages you to do it their way so you grab on to that one as well.  Pretty soon you have an entire wall of post-it note ideas that have stopped short of their goal: to make you some money!

“When all is said and done, nothing said was ever done”

Do not fall into the trap of spending so much time creating new ways to make money, that you don’t have time to make money.  Come up with a plan and move it through to fruition or failure – one of the two.  If it just sits there – it’s just an idea.  An idea must have energy behind it to move it forward.

When we started ORCVirtual, Inc. in 2007, we tried getting our name out there in a multitude of markets from real estate to non-profit to educational to law firms – you name them, we wanted to be their client.  It is only when we decided to narrow down our vision so that we could actually see one or two targets that we were actually able to hit our target right on the mark!

I work with people who are stuck in this cycle of finding lots of ways to make money and yet they never make a dime.



Our Strength From Others

I strongly believe that in order to be truly successful, we must surround ourselves with people who are better than we are.  When building a team, you want the contract writer to write contracts far better than you ever could.  You want a marketing expert better than you could ever be in marketing. The truth is – the ones who continually hire the weaker, only become weaker themselves.

dbfa44b746b7a80f59d53c2707fd0531In the race to the White House, the winner will quickly set up their team of experts. The goal SHOULD be to put people on your team who are far better at the particular job then you could ever be.  Why though?  How does that benefit us?

When you are surrounded by strength, you gain strength.  There’s an old saying I learned in Sunday School – garbage in equals garbage out.  If you surround yourself with garbage, you’ll produce more garbage.  If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll become more positive.  The focus must be on the strength of the team.

I’m not advocating submission by the leader.  Ask the 12,000 pound matriarch of the African bush elephant heard to step aside because you think you could do better – you’ll have a fight to the death on your hands.  But when the leader shows strength then the team works well together.  One of those strengths is recognizing the powerful contributions to the heard of each individual elephant. Without the strength of the individuals members, there is no team.

So go out there and surround yourself with amazing people.  Ones who make you smile, who care, who are amazingly gifted in the areas you are not, and who can meet with you and work with you to achieve your goals.  When we learn from others, and they learn from us, we strengthen our inner circles and community and spheres of influence.


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