Do Or Do Not – You Only Have 2 Options

do-yodaYou know the famous quote from Star Wars.  Yoda says, “…Do or do not, there is no try”.  This statement is incredibly powerful because it strips away our covers, our masks, and cuts right through our arrogance and causes us to admit, if only to ourselves, whether we are doing or not doing.

I speak to small business owners several times a week if not by phone or Skype then by email.   I am constantly amazed with the ones that ‘do’ and mystified by the ones that ‘don’t’.

The ones that DO are great to speak WITH. They celebrate their achievements, they outline their goals, and the conversation becomes an uplifting dialogue for both sides.  The conversation is empowering.  We discuss and share ideas and put them on the table to chew on and work through together, making changes and alterations where needed, and the putting words into action.  Simply put, the people that DO are the ones that plan their work and then work their plan.

The ones that DO NOT are the ones that plan their work, and then plan some more, and then write goals, and plan some more.  Regardless of your listening skills and abilities, the ones that DO NOT immediately drag you down with them because what they want and need, is someone to co-sign their b.s.  They want someone to say, “It’s okay that you haven’t done anything yet” but in reality, it isn’t ok.

There’s a great Snoopy cartoon that I’m sure is a meme at this point and I would doubt whether or not Charles Schultz wrote it but it is wonderful and true.


In business and in life you have two options – do or do not.  You are either going to work and not stop until you get what you have your eyes set upon or you are going to sit back and blame everyone and every circumstance for the fact that you refuse to ‘do’.

Do or do not – and if you choose to do not – kindly step aside and allow the rest of us to pass.

K. Danskin; CEO, ORCVirtual, Inc.



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