When Joy Is a Distant Memory

Have you ever woken up and thought, "not again".  Have you ever looked in the mirror, worried about the one looking back at you?  Have you ever lacked the energy or courage to actually look at the person in the mirror?  Many of us have experienced this from time to time in our lives yet … Continue reading When Joy Is a Distant Memory


Discover Your Purpose

Most of us have, at one point or another, questioned our purpose in this life.  We hesitate in running towards our dreams, wondering if they are realistic and doubting there is life in them.  We question our existence and we begin to ask, "why?" and, "now what?".  This self-defeating attitude can easily take over any … Continue reading Discover Your Purpose

Success Blockers – Got ’em?

It is 'trendy' to label ourselves and stand apart from everyone else yet we want full acceptance and I'm not sure that is something the human race is actually capable of doing.  Why not? Because we confuse acceptance with understanding. Is it possible to accept without understanding? It is possible to agree to disagree?

Playing the Blame Game

Blaming is a game we have all played in the past and will likely play in the future. Maybe even right now you are playing it in your head.  It is so much easier to blame someone or a situation or event for causing us to fall short of an expectation.  What is not easy, … Continue reading Playing the Blame Game

Giving Up…

I used to quit easily. I have a fairly long list of regrets that can be traced back to a quitting spirit.  But several years ago I finally decided to be true to myself - and from that truth has come strength and resiliency that I never knew I was capable of having!  Here is my commitment to myself and, ultimately, to my clients and my team.

Coping with Fear – A Response to Parkland Florida School Shooting

I can barely wrap my brain around the horrible news, sounds, and sights of the latest of the school shootings.  Regardless of where you sit on the gun access issue, hopefully we can all share some common ground.  That common ground should be the concern for the safety and well-being of our children.  Our common … Continue reading Coping with Fear – A Response to Parkland Florida School Shooting