Playing the Blame Game

Blaming is a game we have all played in the past and will likely play in the future. Maybe even right now you are playing it in your head.  It is so much easier to blame someone or a situation or event for causing us to fall short of an expectation.  What is not easy, … Continue reading Playing the Blame Game


Giving Up…

I used to quit easily. I have a fairly long list of regrets that can be traced back to a quitting spirit.  But several years ago I finally decided to be true to myself - and from that truth has come strength and resiliency that I never knew I was capable of having!  Here is my commitment to myself and, ultimately, to my clients and my team.

Coping with Fear – A Response to Parkland Florida School Shooting

I can barely wrap my brain around the horrible news, sounds, and sights of the latest of the school shootings.  Regardless of where you sit on the gun access issue, hopefully we can all share some common ground.  That common ground should be the concern for the safety and well-being of our children.  Our common … Continue reading Coping with Fear – A Response to Parkland Florida School Shooting

Increase Your Home Value with These Tips

I recently had a conversation with our new neighbor.  He bought the house when it was vacant and run down.  It was a huge eye sore and has now been transformed in to one of the nicest ones on the block.  I asked him for some tips and he said, when you are making improvements … Continue reading Increase Your Home Value with These Tips

I Performed a Miracle on My Credit Report

The idea that my credit score could increase over the next couple of months is an exciting thought.  There are a lot of credit repair companies and for some people, they make sense.  We recommend you talk to Renee at But if you are like many of us, you can't afford the cost of … Continue reading I Performed a Miracle on My Credit Report

The Smell Test

Sounds too good to be true?  Getting that weird feeling inside? That little voice inside of you screaming at you? Trust your instincts and ask yourself five important questions. Do I trust the source? What is their motivation? What is the evidence? What does your common sense tell you? What is left out?  

Internet Safety Practices

How To... Several times throughout the month we will get emails or messages from clients asking us if we think a particular email is real or spam.  Just in the short time it has taken us to write this email to you, we have received 7 scam emails that are painfully obvious. But sometimes, you … Continue reading Internet Safety Practices

Transparency + Legitimacy = Authenticity

John Maxwell (American author, speaker and Pastor) is quoted as saying, "Speak the truth. Transparency breeds legitimacy" During my initial sales call with potential new clients, I stress the importance of establishing yourself as a transparent and legitimate business.   We help do this by setting up their website and connecting their social media so … Continue reading Transparency + Legitimacy = Authenticity

How To Easily Be a Great Salesperson

In January of 2017, Founder of Herjavec Group and Shark on ACB's Shark Tank Robert Herjavec, talked about "...five essential tips for selling anything to anyone".  It's a great read, short and to the point.  I recommend you click that link and take a peek. There are many books and papers out there on how … Continue reading How To Easily Be a Great Salesperson